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1910 Founder's Giclée Print-UNFRAMED (PRICE INCLS S&h)
1910 Founder's Giclée Print-UNFRAMED (PRICE INCLS S&h)

This print from about 1910, is an aerial view of the campus looking east. At the turn of the last century, the printing shop W.T. Littig & co., new york city, sent sketchers out to the more prestigious colleges to prepare scenes for printing. For the Haverford college sketch, they sent Arthur J. Elder, 1874-1948, who was one of their best artists. Bird's eye views were extremely popular during this part of the century. Detailed and accurate street-level images were created by the artist with ink on paper and highlighted with water colors. The artist translated and scaled everything to a copper or steel printing plate to depict a perspective view from an elevation of about 300 feet and at a viewing angle of about 30 degrees. From this format, they then created prints on paper from the engravings on the printing plates. Each print was individually hand colored following the original artist's street-level water color rendering, and there was very limited production. This print, rescued by Tom Rentschler '54 was restored in 2013 from an original print. The image is 13" by 28" on a sheet 17 1/2 " by 31" and the modern print closely adheres to the same dimensions. The studio used a digital printing technique that can produce images almost better than the originals. The process name is giclee (zhee-klay) using very special ink-jet printers with fade-resistant archival inks and acid-free papers. The original, after computerizing, becomes a "captured" image. Flaws on the "captured" image, due to the consequences of age are eliminated, reduced, highlighted and/or enhanced by skilled artisans before printing, to improve and perfect the end results.

Item: 2011870
Price: $100.00


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