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Buyback Policy

  • Buyback is provided as a means of customer service to the students at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. It also helps the bookstore in providing additional used books whereby saving the students 25% from the new textbook price.
  • We will pay up to 50% for books in good condition (binding intact, no pen writing in book, no excessive highlighting) that have been readopted by faculty for use the next term. The bookstore will only pay up to 50% for the quantity which can be resold. When that quantity is reached we will pay wholesale price for the book.
  • We will pay wholesale for textbooks that are not readopted for the next term or are adopted but the required quantity has already been obtained. The wholesale companies depending on national demand for the book determine wholesale price.
  • Some books will be determined to have no value. This occurs when the publisher publishes a new edition of a book. The bookstore and wholesaler are unable to use the textbooks if they go into new editions. The bookstore will continue to buyback old editions if the faculty requires use of that particular edition. When wholesalers receive more copies of a book than they can resell, the wholesale value of a book also becomes zero.

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