Rental Agreement


Textbook Rental Agreement

In consideration for being allowed to rent textbooks, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. I understand that the rental textbook is property of the Haverford College Bookstore. To rent a textbook, I must pay the textbook rental fee (unique to each textbook). I understand that the rental fee is for one semester and the book must be returned at the end of the semester even if needed for the following semester. By accepting the terms of the textbook rental program, I promise to return the rented textbook to Haverford College Bookstore in good, undamaged, and rentable condition and without *excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking by 2:00 p.m. on last day of finals. There is no grace period. If I drop a class or withdraw from school, I understand that textbook rental follows the same refund schedule as textbook purchases.

  2. I authorize the Haverford College Bookstore to charge my credit card(student account will be charged if CC declines) on file the new textbook price plus a $15.00 processing fee for each rental textbook that is not returned by the due date, is lost or stolen, or is returned in so damaged a condition that it is no longer rentable. Excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking of textbooks is not allowed and may result in the rented textbook being so damaged it is no longer rentable. I understand that I am responsible for collection costs that occur as a result of my account being placed with an internal collector or an outside collection agency. I understand that if I return someone else’s textbook and they do not return mine, I will remain responsible for my un-returned textbook.

  3. I agree that all identifying stickers/labels on rental textbooks must remain intact and must not be removed, altered, or obliterated.

  4. I understand that I can purchase the rental textbook for the retail price minus the previously paid rental fee at any time during posted store hours prior to 2:00 p.m. on last day of finals by visiting Haverford College Bookstore. After this time, my credit card on file will be charged the balance of the book price plus a $15.00 processing fee.

  5. As a registered student at Haverford College, I have chosen to enter into this agreement with the Haverford College Bookstore to rent a copy of this textbook that is required for my class and understand that a valid student ID is required at the time of rental.
*Normal highlighting is a few words every couple of pages--key terms and concepts. Highlighting entire paragraphs, doodling in the margins and other generally useless markings are excessive.: